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Local electronics for your home or business.

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We are a company with expertise in computers, home entertainment and professional sound.

Over three decades in the electronic service industry has given us the opportunity to serve our costumer well with one of the highest level of reliability, cost effectiveness and in a timely manner.

Troubleshooting and repairs are performed by qualified technicians holding certifications from some of the mayor manufactories such as: panasonic, samsung, toshiba, jvc, mitsubishi, dell, hp, etc.

In 2012 we decided to move from vancouver, british columbia to service the needs of southwest saskatchewan. Our business is located in maple creek, saskatchewan.

Located in the southwest corner of saskatchewan, maple creek is a “hub” for many other communities. Surrounded by profitable ranching and farming enterprises this community is home to many other existing services industries. As we assessed the needs of more than 22,000 people the need for a computer sales and service center became more evident to us.

We purchased a 100 year old building in the heart of town and renovated to accommodate a very modern computer retail store with service facilities. Within the year the frontage of the store will also be renovated to acquire the look of the original building. This beautification will be done to support progressive heritage initiatives proposed by the province of saskatchewan.

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We only sell the highest quality electronics and parts. That's why we carry world leading brands, supplied to you at excellent cost.

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